London’s most impressive cocktail bars

It’s difficult to decide on what the best bit about the UK’s capital city is. London excels in lots of areas. One of the top sectors, though, has to be its array of top eating and drinking establishments.

Cocktail expert Forest Collins @FHGinClub says: “London has its cocktail scene locked down with lots of lovely bars from classic to creative and laidback to lux. But, the cool thing about being an energetic capital city is that it always evolves and showcases something new.”

In this article, we’re looking at one type of venue, in particular. And that’s cocktail bars. If you’re going to find a bizarre, unique and totally out-of-this-world cocktail bar then, of course, it’s going to be in London. We’ve been doing some research for you – all in the interests of work, of course – and here’s a list of some of our favourite cocktail hangouts. You might even recognise some of them yourselves:


All you see when you enter the Gallery area at Sketch in Mayfair is a cloud of pastel pink. Pink seats, pink walls, pink murals and yes, the odd pink champagne cocktail.

Love it or loathe it, it’s certainly stunning and very eye-catching. The former restaurant boasts many David Shrigley artworks (91 in total). Even the steps to the venue are in pink, ‘wacky’ doesn’t even begin to describe it…check out the bathrooms while you’re there (or should we say futuristic glass pods).

Coppa Club

It may be a private members club, but the Coppa Club in London’s Thames Street definitely doesn’t feel like it. With no members fee or dress code, it’s all a bit ‘easy come, easy go.’ Until, that is, you see the other diners and cocktail tipplers. It’s often full of business types and everyone wears their best clobber. And no wonder, they’re pretty visible – especially when they choose to sit in one of the glass igloos overlooking the River Thames. And talking of views…

Sky Garden

With all those panoramic views of the capital at night, Sky Garden is the ideal location for cocktails if you love twinkling lights and peering at the whole of London at the same time. But not ideal for those with vertigo.

This cocktail bar, with an open-top roof terrace, in Fenchurch Street’s Rooftop Bar is much sought-after by tourists, as well as London’s locals. There are plants both inside and out, hence the name Sky Garden.


Well, you didn’t think we’d go on about cocktail bars without mentioning Annabel’s in Berkeley Square, did you? This very elegant private member’s club boasts the most amazing décor. Sophisticated and striking interiors, in terribly good, up-market taste, it’s a joy just to sit and look at the wallpaper, even. 

There is a whole team of mixologists to prepare your favourite cocktail or tempt you with one of their own Annabel’s special cocktails.

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