Tips for When You’re Moving for a Job and Between Homes

Now that lockdown is effectively over, many of us are moving on with our lives. And that means literally moving – to a new job or a new city, and in some cases, both. So, if that’s you then read on for some useful hints and tints for your move:

It is rare that we move to a new city and manage to rent out or sell our current place on the same day, week or even month. So, that means some stop-gap housing in the meantime. And that’s where serviced apartments, otherwise known as corporate accommodation, plays a big role.

Stay in a medium-term rental

Moving to a new city and new workplace is stressful enough without looking for somewhere to live at the same time. And anyway, you will want to check out the city and find out the best places to live for your budget without making any immediate big decisions. And that’s where serviced corporate accommodation comes in.

Short-term rentals are very upmarket these days – especially if it’s serviced corporate accommodation you’re looking for. These are furnished, fully equipped with all mod-cons, comfortable and many have a concierge service too. This means you can dial in for laundry services and can expect a weekly housekeeper as part of your rent.

If you’re fortunate there may also be a swimming pool in your accommodation as well as a shared games room, fitness centre and business area so you can keep work separate from where you’re living.

You can bet your corporate accommodation will also be in the heart of the city, with many restaurants, cafes and entertainment complexes not far away.

Better still, corporate accommodation is booked on a daily basis. This means there is no problem with having to sign a lease and stay for a mixed number of months before you can move into your new place when you’ve finally got around to purchasing one.

Other moving tips

Route checking. Check out which is the quickest way to your workplace before you start your new job. Is it better to cycle or get public transport than drive there (considering petrol costs, parking, insurance, and so on).

Entertainment and research. Once you’re at work ask your colleagues where the best restaurants, and pubs, to hang out are. Read the local newspaper too – and join relevant social media groups – so you can find out what’s going on.

Relocation fees. It may be that your new employer doesn’t offer relocation fees but you could try to negotiate to get them to pay your removals costs (especially if you have a family and you’re all having to relocate). Moving to a new city, schools and having to find new friends is a big upheaval for any family and a little financial compensation can go a long way to making it feel like it’s all worth it.

To help with the above, writing everything down, as making lists is key, says @stacespeaks: “With an exciting, new job looming, this isn’t the appropriate moment to rely on your memory. There are simply far too many odds and ends to consider for that. You’re going to want to save all your brainpower to impress your new boss, not to remember if you changed your address at the post office.”

Helping you find our perfect corporate accommodation, wherever you need it

At InnClusive, we specialise in corporate accommodation for 28 nights or more. Before you relocate, get in touch with us and see how we can help – let us know your preferences, and we’ll do the rest. It’s one less thing to worry about!

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