Hints and Tips for Making the Most of City Living

One of the best things about living in a city or large town is that there are always people around and someplace to hang out – even if it is the middle of the night.

And there’s just so many exhibitions, plays, live music gigs and movies to see. Not to mention parks, killer architecture, and museums. In fact, city living can get pretty overwhelming at times.

So, here are some tips on how you can get the most out of your time in whatever city you happen to be lucky enough to be living in:

Buy a map

Having an A to Z paper map to spread out and consult is a lot easier than looking at Google on your phone.

It gives you a better idea of the overall area of the city and lets you see the whole city at a glance.

Get to know the locals

People who have lived in the city all their lives are the ones who know the best places to hang out.

Whether that’s the coolest bars or trendiest restaurants, they’ll know just the right spot. And they’ll know how to get there quicker and cheaper too.

Avoid rush hour

Rush hour is when the city you love turns into some sort of hideous people-filled nightmare. Getting a seat on any type of public transport feels like some sort of competitive sport and waiting in line for a coffee at the train station takes at least 30 mins. Be like a local and stay indoors between 8am and 10am and 4pm to 6pm, if possible.

Set a budget

There are some fab shops in cities, as well as restaurants, clubs and other enticements that you could easily spend a fortune on.

To avoid feeling like a kid in a sweetie shop, one  who is about to spend all their pocket money, set a sensible weekly budget – and stick to it. You’ll thank us for this advice in the long run.

Find a favourite coffee shop

When you first move to a big city it’s nice having at least one place that feels like home (outside of your apartment).

A cosy or cool coffee shop where you get to know the staff and some of the regulars can fit the bill perfectly.

As traveller @adventurouskate puts it: “Finding a place that you can visit habitually… can do wonders for helping you put down the faintest of roots in an unfamiliar destination.”

Take up new activities

With so many classes and clubs to join it can feel a bit like you’re spoiled for choice in a city. But don’t let indecision be a reason not to go along to at least a couple of them to take up a new interest or activity. Whether it’s yoga, tap dancing, or macramé – you’ll never know if you love it until you try.

Leave now and then

Cities can be bustling metropolises that are non-stop noise, people and great fun. But they can also get a bit much at times. And that’s why it’s good to leave every now and again too.

Go somewhere quiet – to the countryside or a beach, to recharge and maybe even remember what solitude feels like again.

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