Affordable accommodation in Dublin – rental rates across the city

Like many cities in Ireland, Dublin has seen rental prices rise sharply in the past few years. People living in, and moving to, the city can now struggle to find affordable, high-quality accommodation, and the issue is only set to get worse as more people move to Dublin and demand continues to outstrip supply.

Luckily, there are still a few pockets of the city that offer affordable accommodation. While it’s unlikely you’ll find any real bargains in Dublin, you can find apartments that offer good value for money.

Here, we take a closer look at the best places to find cheap accommodation in Dublin.

Average cost of rent in Dublin

In May 2019, the average cost of renting in Ireland was €1,366 – a rise of 8% on the same period the previous year. In Dublin, the most expensive spot in the country, the average cost of rent was over €2,000 in May 2019.

Prices in the city have gone up for the past 31 quarters in a row. This price increase is largely being driven by supply and demand.

During the same period, there were just 2,700 properties to rent in the whole of Ireland, the lowest figure since 2006.

In Dublin, the picture is even worse with very few apartments and houses available to rent at a given time.

North vs South Dublin

Traditionally, South Dublin was home to the city’s rich. The area still has beautifully designed streets, elegant homes and grand terraces.

Even though the city’s wealth is now a little more spread out, and you can find a lot of nice neighbourhoods across the city, South Dublin is still generally more expensive than the north of the city.

So, if you’re looking for cheap rents, focus your attention on the area north of the River Liffey.


No matter where you choose to live in the city, being close to good transport links can drive up the cost of the rent.

As @DublinLive says,

The average rental price for properties close to the rail lines is €1,770 per month. This means that renters living close to Dublin’s light rail network are now paying €3,360 per year (17%) more compared to the average rent for Dublin.” 

However, as proximity to good transport links makes it easier to get out and explore, a lot of people moving to Dublin may feel it’s worth the extra. 

Outside the city centre

A good way to find affordable accommodation in Dublin is to look slightly outside the city centre. The new light rail network makes it easy to commute into the city centre from further afield and you’re a lot more likely to find cheap accommodation in Dublin’s suburbs. 

Northern suburbs are particularly affordable, so take a look at places to live in areas like Bayside, Raheny and Kilbarrack. 

If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality accommodation in Dublin, we can help. Get in touch to find out more.