Guide to Living and Working in Cambridge

People the world over have heard of Cambridge. Of course, everyone knows of Cambridge as the home of one of the world’s oldest universities.

The University of Cambridge, which has a collegiate system, is the second-oldest university in all English-speaking countries in the world. It was founded in approximately 1209.

In addition to being an incredibly ancient university, it has also seen some incredible people studying there over the centuries. Isaac Newton, Oliver Cromwell, Robert Walpole, E.M. Forster, and C. S. Lewis, to name just a few, are all Cambridge graduates.

Aside from the city being a hub for academic excellence, why else should you be super excited about moving to the city?

1. It’s exceptionally green

In 2017, Country Life magazine listed Cambridge in its top 10 places to live in the UK. It described the city’s “famously tight green-belt girth, which protects it from sprawling”.

In addition to the heavily protected green-belt around Cambridge, Cambridge also benefits from the very verdant Chisholm Trail. “The trail is a ‘segregated cycle superhighway’ allowing bike commuters to travel from Cambridge North railway station right through to the centre of the city without interruption”. Now that’s being kind to the planet.

2. It has incredible food and drink

Cambridge has always been a market city, even centuries ago traders would gather in the central Market Square to sell food and drink. Now in the 21st century, you don’t have to search for long before finding delicious delicacies to delight your palate. The Mill Road area is considered the epicentre of the city’s food revolution, according to Great British Chefs.

We recommend starting there the next time you are on the hunt for a great meal. You will be spoiled for choice among all of the independent restaurants, eateries and delis.

3. It has wonderful history on every street

Cambridge has incredible architecture that is well-worth a trip to see it. It has some incredibly old buildings, bridges and houses because the university has been there for 800 years!

4. It has unique waterways

The River Cam, River Great Ouse and River Nene are “woven into Cambridge’s identity”. Punting in Cambridge is an image that everyone thinks of when they hear the city’s name. It’s also a wonderful way to spend a summer’s afternoon, especially with a picnic and a bottle of bubbles.

5. It has some great shops

Aside from all of the gorgeous architecture and incredible history, Cambridge also has an impressive selection of shops.

There’s the market, which is open 7 days a week, with second-hand booksellers, vinyl stalls, fresh local produce or handmade jewellery. There’s also arts and crafts, local printmakers, sculptors and potters there in a special market on Sundays from 10am until 4pm.

With so many fabulous things to see and do in Cambridge, we are sure your new hometown will soon be your favourite place you’ve ever lived.

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