Life Hacks Around the Home for Busy People for an Easier Life

When things break or fall apart, it can be a nuisance or an annoying unexpected bill to get them looking like new again. It’s at times like that when having a little gem of knowledge can save the day. 

Being able to fix items around your home or broken zips on your clothing can save you a lot of money and a lot of stress. 

Read on to find out how you can be a life hack hero. 

There are some incredible life hacks out there. We have all seen the empty cardboard toilet paper holder turned into an instant iPhone speaker and that freezing grapes cools down white wine without watering it down

But there are some more brilliant life hacks out there that might save you so much time, stress and money that you might not know about. Here are our favourites. 

1. Empty toilet paper holders can do so many things

Empty toilet paper holders can be cut on one side to turn them into handy cuffs to use on your wrapping paper rolls. Doing this will stop them unrolling and creating a mess. 

Empty toilet paper holders can also be used to tidy up all of those cords, leads, and cables that we all have tangled up in every drawer of our homes. 

Simply organise your cables and roll them up neatly then pop them into the empty cardboard tubes. You can then transform your cables by adding handy labels on to them by using the little plastic tabs you get on loaves of bread. 

This means you will know exactly what the lead is for when you need to find something. 

2. Zips that get stuck?

There are a few amazing life hacks that you can try to fix those irritating zippers that won’t budge. Our favourite is using a graphite pencil as it’s a no-mess solution that works straight away

Simply rub the broken zipper with the graphite pencil (along the closed zipper teeth) and then try to gently jiggle the zip free again. 

Alternatively, you can also use a bar of soap, wax, or petroleum jelly. 

3. Button Bother

When your buttons pop off your trousers, shirts, shorts, etc. it can be a real nuisance sewing them back on. To save you the palaver of having to sew your buttons back on over and over again, coat buttons with transparent nail varnish when you buy anything with buttons.

It will form a hard seal that no one will be able to see keeping your button firmly in place for years to come! Now that is a life hack!

If you want some more brilliant life hacks, then @5m_crafts tweeted some brilliant “Simple kitchen hacks to make your life easier” that are well worth checking out. 

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