How InnClusive helps with relocation

Relocating for work is exciting. Whether you’re the one moving or you’re helping someone to move, it’s a lengthy and often time consuming process.

You’ve got to think about when you’ll pack, how you’ll move and most importantly, where you’ll live. That final one arguably is the most important, and a lot of people opt for temporary accommodation to begin with. Where you’re located in relation to your office, amenities, and maybe schools is crucial to creating that feeling of home.

How can you get it right the first time? Working with specialists in longer term accommodation. We wanted to share how InnClusive helps in property search and booking for relocators needing 28+ nights accommodation.

Your requirements and property specification heard

We believe that your needs are priority. Whether that’s in budget, proximity to a significant location, or apartment layout. Everyone has their must haves and nice to haves, and we want to hear that to find the best apartments for you.

To do this, we’ll either chat over the phone or via email and ask a few questions to get to know your situation better. We’ll take that information and map it to the properties we currently offer.

One packaged email

We’ve done a personal property search for you, and we’ve got quotes from a handful of our vetted partners. Instead of overwhelming you with information, we place the things you need to know to make the best relocation decision in one handy email. This will include your quotes, some information about each property, and a link to more information. We know that picking even temporary accommodation is an important decision – we aim to simply that for you.

Here to offer advice and share knowledge

Relocating is a big move. We want to make sure you feel confident and safe in your property choice. That’s why we’re on hand during the day to share advice and knowledge, whether it’s a quick question or long conversation.

Ready to take on your property search? Get in touch with us today, or browse our apartments.

More about InnClusive

InnClusive is a corporate and relocation accommodation provider with partners around the world. With a minimum stay of 28 nights, we take the time to get to know the core of your travel or relocation needs. Have the freedom to choose from multiple luxury level apartments. Without the added cost, anywhere you need it.

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