Interior design ideas for when you’re renting a property

You may be renting a property, but you still want it to feel like home. So, it’s natural that you want to put ‘your stamp’ on it while you’re there to make you feel more comfortable.

Although you can’t make too many permanent changes, there are little things you can do that can make a big difference to the way you feel in your rented property. Here are some of our favourite ‘home’ décor tips right here:

What can and can’t you do?

First, find out what’s permissible from your landlord or property agent. Is it ok to paint the walls, for instance? This can be a game-changer.

Imagine changing sterile white walls with a splash of colour to add vibrancy and warmth to a room.

If painting isn’t possible, what about putting up plenty of colourful prints or even a large colourful throw? Just see if you can do it without putting too many holes in the wall.

There are lots of special hanging tape, velcro strips and various types of Blue Tack-like substances that are designed for this very task.

But if that makes you feel nervous you could always just lean big pictures against the wall or put one up on an easel.

Lighting can prove illuminating

Add interest and warmth to those dull, dark corners by installing table lamps. Better still, see if you can source them with the type of quirky shades that reflect your personality.

Change the central pendant too with one that’s more ‘you’ (just put the original back when you move out). You can experiment too with low energy or coloured bulbs.

It’s worth noting that changing all bulbs to LED will see your utility bills reduce in price – allowing you to afford to splash out on new lamp shades.

Rustle up an interesting rug

Most modern apartments these days have wooden or vinyl flooring, with the ‘odd’ piece of carpeting. But not all – and not always in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

So, if you don’t like the cold, boring beige floor tiles in your kitchen just cover them up with an interesting, colourful scatter rug or two.

Interior designer @joannawooduk says, “Rugs are inexpensive ways of adding colour and excitement to any room.”

If you want to hide a fitted carpet you hate then go for a large sisal rug – then you’ll just be left with the outside edges of that ugly orange or grey carpet you really can’t bear the sight of.

Arrange some artworks

Well, it doesn’t have to be artworks as such, just ornaments and knick-knacks that you love and that make you feel happy whenever you look at them. Framed photos of loved ones are ideal, so are decorative vases filled with your favourite flowers.

And what about some ‘arty’ cushions placed on seating and your bed?

There are lots of other ways you can make your rental apartment or house feel homely too, such as putting up curtains or shades that reflect your own taste and even changing the handles on a dresser to fun and funky versions (again, just remember to put back when you move out).

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