Guide to living and working in Dublin

“In Dublin’s fair city, where the girls are so pretty” goes the famous Irish song, Molly Malone, and Dublin is most definitely a fair city.

It is a city of enormous history, culture and character with a fast-growing economy that keeps over 874,400 people employed. So, here’s the craic on why you should be looking forward to moving to Dublin and making it your new home.

Dublin is a place to get excited about. Whether you’ve ever been there or not, a lot of people know a little bit about Dublin already. Some of the most famous places in Dublin are The Guinness Factory, The River Liffey and the fact that it was Oscar Wilde’s birthplace.

But there are all sorts of reasons to be excited about moving to Dublin, the capital and largest city of Ireland.

1. It has a booming economy

Dublin’s economy is on the up and up due to job creation and the city’s ability to attract world-class talent.

Dublin is particularly popular among big tech companies. Google, Facebook and Twitter all have bases there.

2. It has world-renowned nightlife

Temple Bar is right at the centre of Dublin’s nightlife. It is a lively, busy and vibrant place where you will have a great time walking into any one of the many bars, pubs and restaurants there.

3. It has art and culture

There’s so much history, art and culture to soak up in Dublin that you really won’t know where to begin. Luckily there are all sorts of guided walking tours of Dublin to choose from to begin learning about your newly adopted home. WARNING: Some may be boozier than others! You will learn about 1916 Rising and the War of Independence alongside many other points in the city’s history.

The ancient Book of Kells and the Long Room in The Library at Trinity College, Dublin are also well worth a visit during your time in Dublin.

4. It has huge green spaces

When you live in a city, there will be moments when you want to escape to the countryside and reconnect with the great outdoors. That is another huge advantage to living in Dublin.

There are parks spread right across Dublin, so no matter where you end up living it won’t take you long to escape to the Great Outdoors. Our favourite is Phoenix Park, which is great for a Saturday morning cycle.

5. It has The River Liffey

Living a life next to the water is something that so many people want and Dublin can check that box for you. The Liffey is a river that dominates the city of Dublin, with people even using it to commute to and from work.

There are bars, markets, pubs, and restaurants that sit alongside the river and from which you can relax and enjoy watching the world go by. What better way to spend your time off work?

Evidently, Dublin is a city like no other and Innclusive can help you find a home like no other to enjoy whilst you are working there. 

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