Get ready for the post lockdown corporate accommodation boom

If there is one thing that few of us are going to miss after lockdown it has to be the sight of our own face peering back at us from the computer screen.

Being unable to go into the office and meet with colleagues has been painful. And it’s not just for reasons of vanity (why does the screen make us look ‘jowly’? etc).

It’s also tiring looking at a screen all day and it’s just not quite the same as meeting someone in person – even if we do get the bonus of getting to look at their décor.

So, the opportunity to meet with colleagues again can’t come soon enough. And, even better, if it’s geographically out with our own location we also get to do a bit of travel at the same time.

Yes, working from home will become normal, but far more of us are craving the stimulus of working in an office with a company other than our own. Spontaneous conversation, anyone? Or the fun of working in a team?

Lifting of lockdown means more work meetings

During the pandemic, it has always been the case that individuals are allowed to stay overnight in accommodation for work purposes. But very few people have chosen to do so. This summer it appears that is all about to change.

At the moment meetings are permitted – but only with one other individual outside your household and travel restrictions are still in place. Meetings with six people outdoors in a private space are also allowed to go ahead.

These will be gradually lifted to the extent that by the summer bigger board meetings will be allowed to go ahead.

As Peter Swabey, Policy and Research Director at The Chartered Government Institute (ICSA) explained:

“These remain uncertain times for business and, based on the Prime Minister’s statement on 22 February, it appears likely that general meetings will be required to be held on a closed basis until at least 17 May and possibly until at least 21 June.”

The roadmap for the gradual unveiling of lockdown may change, depending on the ‘R’ number, but at the moment business accommodation premises like ourselves here at Innclusive are certainly gearing up for a spate of bookings for both the summer period and the remainder of the year.

Why serviced accommodation works for business

Serviced accommodation like the apartments we supply here at Innclusive is the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to business accommodation. And there is not just one but many reasons why that is the case.

Booking a serviced apartment is far less expensive than a hotel. The self-catering accommodation is more upmarket than a guest house or B&B – with fibre wi-fi and kitchen appliances – and there is more flexibility in terms of coming and going.

In fact, it’s your own rental apartment that you are booking on a short-term basis. Want to find out more? Then take a look at what we offer at Innclusive today.

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