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Properties In Leeds

The unofficial capital of Yorkshire, InnClusive offers a wide selection of properties in Leeds city centre.

Bursting with life and cultural energy, a vibrant, cosmopolitan and creative community. Leeds has established itself as a renowned destination for retail, where big brands meet Victorian arcades. A welcoming host for international sporting events, colourful carnivals, and a packed calendar of festivals and events.

A strong sense of old meets new is visible across Leeds skyline, with a blend of historic and modern architecture.

InnClusive Leeds Properties

Effortless Inclusive Living

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1 Bed
2 Bed
  • Leeds InnClusive Waterloo Two Bed
    Waterloo Court, Leeds
  • Swinegate, Leeds
  • InnClusive Burley Street Leeds 5
    Burley Road, Leeds
  • InnClusive Headingley Apartments
    Woodside View, Leeds
  • InnClusive’s apartment at Victoria Riverside - Living area
    Victoria Riverside, Leeds
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