Best ways to travel for the clean air conscious

National Clean Air Day falls on June 11 this year. With lockdown lifting it looks that we’re all going to be doing a lot more travelling this year. So, what can we do to make sure we travel and stay ‘clean air conscious’ at the same time?

Go for a carbon-offset holiday

Some holiday firms calculate their carbon emissions and try to reduce them wherever possible.

They then offset the remaining emissions by paying for tree planting or giving to the local community. There are several companies who do this online.

Pack as light as possible

If you’re going abroad and plan to board a plane then be aware that the heavier your case, the more carbon emissions the plane will need to burn.

It’s not going to make a big difference with one flyer but if everyone on the flight packed as light as possible, the plane wouldn’t use as much fuel.

Don’t buy bottled water

You may be thirsty and the trek long, but take a reusable bottle with you and try to find an alternative water source rather than buying a bottle of water from a shop. The plastic is wasteful and just adds to landfill because it’s not biodegradable.

Treat the hotel like home

It can be tempting to wrap yourself in luxurious towels in a hotel and spend ages under the hot power shower, but what you’re really doing is using up a lot of energy – especially if you have the air con on constantly.

Don’t be tempted to cruise

On a ship that is… The reason being is that even the most efficient cruise ships are worse for the environment than a plane.

They emit up to four times more CO2 per passenger per kilometre than someone who is flying, according to the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

Cut back on meat

Use your holiday as an opportunity to cut back on your meat consumption. If you’re fortunate enough to be heading abroad to warmer climates then there will be plenty of vegetables and pulses, with spices to enhance them with.

You may not even miss meat. Some ‘green’ experts say giving up beef is one of the best things we can do for the planet because of the emissions from cows.

Fly non-stop

If you are going to fly then take non-stop flights (if they’re long-haul). That’s because it’s the take-off and landing that burns all the fuel. allows you to calculate what you need to carbon offset for your journey.

And finally… @GreenGlobalTrvl suggests trying out street food, rather than going to restaurants: “The beauty of ethical eating while we’re traveling is that it encourages us to try what’s on the menu rather than eating stuff imported to recreate the same unhealthy food we try to avoid at home.”

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